Thursday, 21 March 2013

cursed hows

I just read book, a fantasy tale about a young woman who accidentally discovers she has the ability to tap into energy and channel it to change the weather and create all kinds of chaos. Naturally, she is targeted by evil forces, and must go on a hero’s journey to find herself, save her people, discover what it all means, and become the person she is meant to be.Part of the journey involves a purification ritual, so she can clear her mind and better see where she must go and how to best use her growing talents. And like most attempts at getting clear, it gives her some answers, but leaves many more unresolved questions. We literally dive into life headfirst when we are born. It’s a bumpy ride from there on out. Life never turns out exactly as we expect it to, does it? Sometimes it’s much less, sometimes much more, and usually it’s quite different than we imagined it would be. When we try too hard to find answers, sometimes we miss the ones that are right under our noses. Intuition often works best when we aren’t trying too hard, when we stop trying to figure out the “cursed hows” As children, we start out with a lot of questions, many of them quite intuitive. As we grow up, we think we have all the answers, which we have the worlds to figure out … only to discover later that we don’t! Being willing to not have all the answers, to ask more questions, and to allow them to be unresolved, stirs the beginnings of a deeper wisdom and understanding. The intuitive part of your mind loves those unresolved questions like the ones our young heroes must face, because they lead us to our next creations, to growth and change, to new beginnings.