Friday, 4 January 2013

December rain

It was raining hard when I left the bar late night.A fairly long and warm summer, the endless summer had finally arrived with the first rain of the season. I paused and contemplated for a moment by the door…it’s uncomfortable to get wet.I started walking, I could feel the big drops on my head. But after the initial discomfort and chill, it actually felt good. As a friend said, “some people just get wet, others feel it.” I felt it, and it was good. Walking in the rain late night in the quiet streets of Christchurch, a city that I love. I was in the moment. I felt present, a moment of clarity and content. Then I had a revelation. I couldn’t remember the last time I had really walked in the rain — one of those simple pleasures in life (though it may be uncomfortable or inconvenient) that I hardly make time for; or even if I do, I hardly notice it because my mind is wandering about so many other things. I had to check and see if the 1000 Awesome Things had anything about walking in the rain. Not exactly but there is plenty about rain — its sound, smell and getting caught in the rain. Close enough. Well it’s time to take notice and enjoy such simple moments in life. We have limited time here, some of us more so than others. Don’t waste your precious time on regrets and complaints.