Wednesday, 6 April 2011

mad mind

I am having depressions.
My vision is getting worse everyday.

And one day,I can no longer see.

I will try to be happy.
I will try to share my happiness.
I will try to forget those bitterness moments.

I will try my best to be useful
I will try to be less irritating.
I will try to be restrictive of my actions.
I will try to smile.
I will try to sacrifice my pride.

This life is no longer a game to me.
It's a purpose I was given.

Some may say I am exaggerating.
Maybe I am.
But you don't see the ugly truth.
The truth behind how life revolves.
How society works.
And how to fit in one.
And the people in it.

Don't you know how cruel this is.
To live in this life.
Why don't you try to be understanding for once?
Put yourself in my shoe for once.

To live a life.
By having people staring you.
As if you are from some other planet.
Sometimes I'm even worse than you.
But you don't see it.
Because you didn't spare a thought.

I don't blame you.
All I want is a little sympathy.

I may smile.
But does that show happiness?
It's like a needle in a haystack.
That's what happiness means to me.

The probability of finding it is so low.
That sometimes I even want to give up.

Maybe I should.
I'm sick of putting my life with this kind of...

And it will only be a matter of time.